LADIES: YOU’VE BEEN WARNED! #sexyladymoves

It’s Purple Tie Thursday! You can join - either wear a purple tie from your closet or make one from crayons or construction paper if you’re already at work! #PTT #reallyhopePTTisntalreadyusedforsomethingweirdorgross

Gray mug, gray couch, gray curtains, gray morning…

It was 17 years and 3 months ago that I signed for my first student loan.

SallieMae now owes ME $2.01. 

It’ll be glorious calculating the compound interest they owe me day by day. I’ll send them a 10-day payoff estimate tomorrow…

Irony: sitting under this sign on the Metro with a pan full of cake truffles in my lap… #lolno

"Welcome aboard the Orange Line train headed to Cake Truffle Town, where you can connect to the Yellow Line in the direction of Deliciousville. Diabetic Coma is on the opposite platform." #imanidiot #broswhobake

I actually had to get off this Orange Line train today because I just wasn’t feeling sardine-y enough to stay on the cattle car. Mixed metaphors aside, a Silver train came 2 mins later and there was room to breathe…

Monday, Monday… #letsgotowork

What a difference a year doesn’t make… Mizzou vs. South Carolina … @juliasumpter @mjkauz

One if my favorite possessions- a gift from @kacphoto from our time as @mophotoworkshop coordinators last year in Trenton. All the signatures of the faculty that year in an old wood block type print…she also swiped the test print sheet. #mpw65